Who Are You In The Gym?

I used to think I had to be the best athlete in the gym. (That sure didn't last long!) In the early days of Catalyst, I loved introducing people to rope climbs and double-unders and gymnastics rings, because those are cool "tricks" we do. Growing up a willing...

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Sylvia Cormier: One Year In

The first time I set foot into Catalyst was years ago.  A friend of mine had tried it out and she loved it and felt I would enjoy it too.  At the time there was a CrossFit lite class, no weights.  I was glad there were no weights because I had never worked out before...

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Ron Miskiw: Two Years In

I was tired of trying to get into shape by myself.  Nothing seemed to work for me and I wasn’t seeing the results.  I then saw on Facebook some pics of friends who went to Catalyst and thought they all looked in great shape and that’s what I wanted to look like.  So I...

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Tammy Beilhartz: The Other Beilhartz

3.5 years ago, my husband Chris and I wanted to try an activity to help us “get fit”. After seeing some Facebook posts we thought- what would it hurt? Well, it hurt my legs, my shoulders, my arms, my butt and basically any other part on my body that moved, BUT it hurt...

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Chris Beilhartz: My Catalyst Story

Chris Beilhartz        June 4, 2013 isn’t a significant date that will go down in history and for most people it was just another Tuesday.  The date for me though did have a meaning…. it was my 40th birthday. Turning 40 for some people is no big deal while for others...

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Jeannine Madore: Finding the Fun

I joined Catalyst with my friend Cristina in the summer of 2016. We were both attending a local gym and doing the same workouts over and over again. She suggested we should try CrossFit for a change in our routine. I was very nervous when I first attended but that...

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Gerry Kirk: A Welcome Addition

I've known about CrossFit for a while, but not much about it. Last fall I felt like I needed a change. I wasn't exercising regularly, despite my attempts to build in a regular routine at home. I was feeling lethargic, especially since I spend a lot of time at a...

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Rileigh Presgrave: Fighting the Weakness with Strength

I joined Catalyst in March 2016 during the worst period of my life. In October 2015, two weeks after my second wedding anniversary, my husband left. I woke up one day in my normal life and hours later everything crashed around me. For months I had no explanation, my...

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Adrianne Purificati: A New Focus

I feel like 100% the Catalyst family found me and it found me when I needed it the most!! I have always been a firm believer in everything happens for a reason but in 2013 I had gone thru the most difficult time in my life when I lost my dad. I couldn’t help but...

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