Eliza Shand: Guaranteed Win

I have been around catalyst long enough to be titled a Veteran. This will be my 6th Open and, for two years now, one of the few times in life that I have been referred to as a “master”. Although I am perhaps not at my quickest or strongest this year, it is definitely...

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Sarah Eddy: A Catalyst Story

Three summers ago, my cousin’s wife Esther told me about Catalyst while we were at camp. She said it would be perfect for me as I was athletic and enjoyed a challenge. I shrugged it off thinking maybe I’ll try it but never got around to it. The next summer at camp we...

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Denis Paradis – New Catalyst Family

In 2015 I joined a local gym to lose weight. This progressed well to where I was eventually working out 5-6 days a week. Problem was, I started to plateau and was losing interest. I needed motivation and since my son had been with Catalyst in the past, I knew that...

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Charity’s Retiring!

In the fitness industry, 7 years is a LONG time. Imagine waking every day at 5am, driving to a dark gym, and being radiant enough to light up a room. That's what a coach does, and Charity is a shining example of a Coach. If you don't know Charity's story, you can read...

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Brianna Bruni: A New Found Confidence

What brought me to catalyst was wanting to train more intensely for basketball. I wanted to mainly improve my strength all around. I felt like I wasn't getting all the instruction I needed on my own with a basic program and I felt like there was so much more I could...

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Lisa Bolduc: Mentally Strong

My husband had joined Catalyst in the summer of 2015.  He had such a positive experience and encouraged me to try a class there.  In November my anxiety and stress levels had reach a very high point and my confidence was low.  There were a number of reasons that led...

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Todd DiGasparro

First off, my name is Todd, I'm a Leo and love long walks on the boardwalk....and I just realized that this is the wrong website for that. My bad. What brought you to Catalyst? What brought me to Catalyst was actually my cousin Susan, she had started working out there...

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Megan Turner McMillan

  What brought you to Catalyst? I have been bringing my son to Rumble Tumble and Junior Varsity on and off for a few years. I would always sit and watch with my coffee and my book while he was doing his work-out. It wasn't until I decided to do the Muddy Moose...

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