Another Shutdown – This is what we’re Doing.

We’re trusting our health officials in Ontario to guide our Premier to make the right decisions based on information provided to him. Sure, it’s tough but we’ve been through one of these before.

The first shutdown – we were not prepared – we had not experienced a shutdown – so we reacted.

The second shutdown – we are prepared – we have experience – now take action!

Albert Einstein once said “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”

We decided to lead, to create and to thrive!

By no means do I mean it was easy. Many struggled and some are still struggling today.

Fortunately, we’re surrounded by a great team of Coaches at Catalyst Fitness, AND our clients are amazing people. They went through this in March and they know exactly what they are going to get now. Our clients trust the process and will receive expert coaching online. ‘Online’ could be a Zoom session for Personal Training clients, or a Zoom class for our Varsity Program. All of our Group Fitness clients will be receiving their daily workout via the TrueCoach app. This allows our clients to stay focused on their goals and communicate with their coach without any disruption to their fitness schedule. 

What matters is we don’t stop – and neither do our clients. They are the most resilient group of people I come into contact with daily. People from all walks of life attend Catalyst Fitness and most are in search of one thing: to be a healthier version of themselves. 

I encourage everyone to start exercising. Maybe you start to walk for 20 minutes today.  Maybe you dust off those dumbbells in the laundry room. Don’t wait for this shutdown to end – start today! Tell me about it!

If you need a plan, click here and book an appointment. We’ll match you with one of our professional Coaches. They will provide you with a program to get you moving, feeling better about yourself and most importantly, living a healthier lifestyle through exercise and nutrition.