At Catalyst Fitness, we strive to coach our clients to get their best results. Our mission is to inform and coach the people of Sault Ste. Marie and area with the best strategies to achieve the best results through fitness. We train clients 1:1, Online and in group classes. Now, we train our clients with a program called the Level Method.


The Level Method is a Map of Athletic Progression (MAP). A program designed for beginners, intermediate, and advanced people interested in improving health and fitness. It addresses all categories of fitness and it gives clarity on how to be a well-rounded fit person. Most importantly – it helps people address weaknesses safely, refine skills and progress continuously.


The Level Method is for everyone. We use it to train our youngest athletes to our most senior clients and everyone in between. It’s ideal for people who need guidance through the overwhelming amount of information we are often bombarded with regarding how to ‘get fit’. More specifically, the MAP was designed for progressing EVERYONE – from absolute beginners through to advanced and highly-skilled clients. The inclusivity of it provides a framework for a group of people of all different levels of skill and ability to do similar versions of one workout and all finish together!

For skilled athletes the MAP will identify strengths and deficits objectively and visually. This tool helps coaches deliver precise and accurate instruction, therefore generating higher value. The focus is to constantly “Assess, Address, and Progress”.


Click here to book you FREE No Sweat Intro. Find out how we use the Level Method MAP in our Onramp, Personal Training, Group program to assess you in each element of fitness, and to determine what version of a workout is the best for you!