Catalyst Fitness Re-opens

Since March 17th, for the safety of our clients we closed our doors. But we took ACTION – we pivoted to online coaching and continued to provide coaching to our clients while our bricks and mortar location was closed. It was challenging for our clients and coaches but they are resilient and we thank them for their commitment during a time of crisis.

Now, after 123 days Catalyst Fitness has re-opened 88 White Oak Drive. Personal Training along with our Kids and Adult Group Fitness Classes resumed on Friday. 


To enjoy a safe environment and receive great coaching. Also, to all those that took a break, we want to welcome you back to Catalyst so you can re-start your journey by creating healthy habits through exercise and nutrition. We want to help you to fend off whatever crisis, illness or virus comes your way. Exercise and healthy habits are proven to boost immunity and provide a buffer of health between you and illness. 


We offer something for everyone, and we want you all to benefit from the first class coaching that so many people in the Sault area are benefiting from right now. 


Catalyst began by offering Personal Training. Coaches at Catalyst built and continue to build programs tailored to your needs. You WILL reach your fitness goals. We’ll create the best workouts for your current condition while keeping you safe and injury free. Working with one of your personal trainers provides the instruction, support, and accountability that you need to stay on track and meet you strength and conditioning goals. All you have to do is show up! 


Our kids program might be one of the best kept secrets in Sault Ste Marie for kids between the ages of 7 – 17. This program runs 3 days a week and is a great way to build confidence and character. We use simple but effective coaching techniques that incorporate exercise to make kids feel good about themselves. They will have fun building on skills they have learned, or skills they have yet to uncover. Varsity at Catalyst has seen several athletes go on to advance to the next level. More information can be found here 


Our clients refer to group classes as “the best hour of their day”. It’s the hour of the day where you can unplug, forget about the outside world and enjoy a workout with like-minded people. Everyone wants you to succeed at Catalyst; it’s the can-do attitude that keeps us going. We use a ‘Map of Athletic Progression’ that assesses your fitness level – it’s a roadmap to overall fitness. We use this as a guide to show clients that they are getting faster, stronger and fitter. 


You can’t outrun a bad diet but you can establish habits and make subtle changes that will have lifelong lasting effects. We call it a lifestyle. You will learn that in many ways, what you do outside of the gym matters more than what you do while you are there! Nutrition programs at Catalyst are meant to be flexible and sustainable. Our nutrition coach will guide you to creating these habits so that you can feel confident in the choices you make. Start your journey here.


Sprung from the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve established a great program for anyone that does not have time or does not feel comfortable returning to a gym. We quickly pivoted our entire client base to online coaching when we closed on March 17th – from there we quickly learned the value of this program! Some of our current clients got faster results than they did attending group classes and now some have chosen to remain online. The 1:1 coaching you receive being a client online will drastically change your life for the better. Whether you have equipment or not, our coaches will introduce exercise, nutrition and meditation techniques to help you reach your goals. 

Never has there been a better time to take control of your health and wellness.


Book your call here – it’s free, we call it a NO SWEAT INTRO. We’ll chat for about 20-30 minutes and together we’ll decide what your best course of action is.