What To Feed Your Kid Before The Game

Like many parents in the Sault, I’ll spend most of the weekend in a hockey rink.
I volunteer to coach both an Atom team and a girls’ Bantam team. My job isn’t to be a hockey tactician: it’s to help the kids love the sport, and perform to their top level of genetic potential.
A huge part of that is helping kids eat optimally.
That doesn’t mean eating maximally (big bowls of pasta or heavy carb dosing) or caffeinating up before their game. It just means balancing macronutrients to make sure they don’t run out of energy in the second period; giving them food they like; and avoiding sugar on game day.
Here’s an excellent video from Registered Dietitian Karly Meincke on how to feed a young animal:
Click here – https://twobrainbusiness.wistia.com/medias/51xi3z48c2