Fun and Fitness for Kids and Teens at Catalyst!

Why should your kids or teens come to Catalyst Fitness?

We assist in building the foundation of lifelong fitness, and they’ll have FUN doing it! We use Crossfit fundamentals and have levels-based assessments to ensure your young athlete is progressing. We also talk about ‘Bright Spots’ regularly and help kids find the positives in their day! Sometimes their time at the gym can be the best hour of their day!

You can read more about Crossfit kids here:

We provide a safe environment for all kids and teens that currently play sports, that are beginning to find fun and purpose in fitness.  Our kids and teen programs focus on developing well-rounded athletes. We make kids strong, flexible, fast and resistant to injury. We create a base on which ANY sport can be added, or strengthen the existing foundation to improve performance in their current sport! Sometimes, we want our kids to show off their skills – so we do competitions!

“Thanks for being a great coach and instilling his drive, focus and determination. He is looking at trying out some other things, but he has a great foundation based on everything he learned at Catalyst!” –  Senior Varsity parent Lisa S.

We have 2 age groups for our Varsity athletes: Senior Varsity (12-18) and Junior Varsity (7-12).
It’s never too early to start kids off on the right foot. Younger children are encouraged to participate, because we want them to learn the positive habits of sport: teamwork, solo achievement, and cheering others on. We developed our Mighty Minis program to welcome kids age 4-6 to the Catalyst Family!

If you know any kid or teen that could benefit from this program, click the link below. We’ll happily meet with you to discuss more about our Varsity program and give you a tour!

Introduce your kids to a journey of fitness to last a lifetime!