Success and Fitness – With Coach Denis

My definition of success in fitness has changed over time. I used to think success was hitting a weight lifting personal record (PR) or running 400 meters faster. Now I have more of a macro approach. 

Macro is defined as something that covers a large amount, or is large in size”

Using the macro approach helps me define success in fitness with a wider lens rather than on specific achievements.

I’m feeling good – I’m moving well –  I’m happy!

I now define success in fitness as “having the determination to be consistent”. To be honest, I have days when I don’t have that spark to get a workout in. But my determination to be consistent with workouts and activities allows me to reflect and think about what I can do today. Before, I would have done nothing – but now I’ll exercise or participate in a low impact activity. The determination to get something done leads to consistency which leads me to success.   

The key is a shift in mindset.

I no longer look at an activity and say I “HAVE” to do this. Now, I think – how lucky am I that I “GET” to do this! 

I look at any activity I do and ask myself “will this make me feel better in the end?” If the answer is yes, then it’s been successful! Whether it’s air squats and push ups in the 10 minutes I have to spare or a long walk with my dog Radar along the Bluff at Gros Cap.

This shift in mindset has me celebrating success!    

You can start by looking for success in all your daily activities. Eating fruit instead of a chocolate bar – success. Go for a walk instead of watching another episode of a TV series – success. Drink more water – success. 

Together all these successful achievements lead you down the path to success with fitness.  

Anyone can have success and we all have the ability to change our mindset. Sometimes we need the support from family and friends. Some will need a coach! My ability to identify success with fitness began at Catalyst Fitness with their experienced coaches. Now, I have the foundation to coach people and help them adjust mindset and identify success. I want to hear about how you celebrate your successes! Send me a message

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