Why Our Teens Compete

We’re about to host our third Varsity Gauntlet. It’s a worldwide competition for teens and preteens who are good at movement.
Juvenile competition is positive: it increases interest for the teens, and puts them in the right environment to compete without judgment or parental pressure. The greatest thing about CrossFit competition? It ain’t Little League.
As I wrote in Growing Up CrossFit, you won’t hear parents booing their own kids at the Gauntlet. You won’t see glaring, hear snide comments about ‘coaches’ favorites,’ or feel the heat coming from angry parents. You’ll see huge smiles, high-fives, cheering for other peoples’ children. It puts a brand new face on sport.
The Varsity Gauntlet is really a skills competition: all athletes are tested for good movement before the day begins. If they’re not good at an exercise, they scale the weight down or spend the day cheering. We will never put a teen in a situation they’re unprepared to handle; intensity with BAD form is the opposite of what we’re doing here. Every kid has a judge at all times.
Catalyst has a long history of coaching kids and teens. Doctors, physios and chiropractors all send their kids here because of our emphasis on technique and skill.
In preparation for a lifetime of fitness, we want to teach kids to perform under pressure. To fail well, not succeed at risk of injury. We want graceful, powerful youth. And we’ll see it; I make that guarantee.
The Gauntlet has three divisions: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Novice. Athletes (or their judges) may also choose to scale any workout (that means they can perform it at less weight if they like.)
April 12th is our next Varsity Gauntlet event. To register, click here. Trouble? Email thegauntlet@crossfitbrandx.com, or call Melanie at 705-256-1344.