Teens Need to Exercise

The schools in the Sault and area are still holding off on running some organized athletic activities. Most recreational sports have resumed, but with limited spots, it looks like this will continue for the foreseeable future. While many teens were eager to get back to their teammates and their respective sports, they may not have had the opportunity to resume training yet. This is leaving a void in many teens’ structured days – what was once 2-4 hours of programmed sports has turned into extended screen time with friends online.

The good news is, Catalyst Fitness & Nutrition is open and operating under the recommended protocols outlined by APH to ensure a safe environment for both personal training as well as group training. 

Our Varsity program is designed for any teen at any level of fitness. We work off a levels-based system which guarantees they have a GREAT and SAFE workout.

What does that mean for your teen?

Here’s a couple of testimonials from our teens:

G.E. – “it’s been great! I love the dynamic of the gym and the coaches, and the other classmates. All are really nice and encouraging. 

O.B. – “Today’s the best day ever, I just got a PR on my deadlift! 

Their parents are also seeing the benefits of this too:

M.F. “My boys are hooked! They had a blast. Now my daughter wants to join.

C.V. “My boys all love Coach Nick’s Friday night class. Luca loves the floor press cycle!

It’s FUN!

We can keep your teens active and training at Catalyst Fitness & Nutrition. Our well-established Varsity Teens program is accepting new members now. You can get more information about that here

Teams are Welcome

We’ll also be adding more time slots for sport-specific programs. If your son or daughter is eager and back on the ice, or is back on the field, our 1:1 program will assist them in keeping the foundation they have worked to build. Small group are also welcome, as well as team training options.

COVID has proven to be tough to navigate. Staying fit and being ready to jump back into sport shouldn’t be hard. Our programs are proven to build athletes and give them the confidence they will need when the time comes to get back to their favourite sports.

Click here to to book a “no sweat intro” with your teen! Let’s keep them active in the Sault and area!