The Truth about Abs

We see them on the cover of almost every health and fitness magazine, advertisement and billboard. Washboard abs on good looking men and women. Many average people – I’ll include myself in this category – find themselves wondering how.

What do they do that I don’t do?

The truth about getting that flat stomach or those washboard abs is mostly dependent on what you eat.

When it comes to body composition, nutrition is more important than working out. But, if you pair a nutrition plan with two or three workouts a week, you’ll get those results faster.

Take a look at people you know or the people that go to the gym who get results the fastest. They are the ones who focus on what they eat. That doesn’t mean you have to be 100% perfect all the time, they eat and drink extra calories too. It’s not an all or nothing attitude or you’re wasting your sweat in the gym.

It’s about building habits!

Keep in mind that working out is great and some of us can get results regardless of what we eat. However, you’ll perform better in the gym and in all aspects of life when you start making healthier choices about what you eat.

Remember that there is a ton of nonsense information out there. Pick up any fitness magazine and you’ll see all kinds of myths and bad advice when it comes to food – it can get confusing.

Let’s celebrate the wins!

Catalyst Fitness and Nutrition has a great program that will help you establish sustainable changes that will support your life. No gimmicks and no nonsense!

We all have to eat.

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