We’d Love to See You in Person, But we Adapt

Lockdown – Shutdown – Emergency Brake

Regardless of the term used, Catalyst Fitness & Nutrition’s ‘bricks and mortar’ location is ordered to close. For other gym-goers, this may be the end of their workouts – but that’s NOT the case for our clients at Catalyst. 

We Pivot Online! 

Our team of coaches are here to listen and provide our clients with the coaching and accountability they need to stay focused on their goals. Building programs that gets clients results!

Here’s just a few mentions: 

JM:  “My goal is to continue to workout twice a week with Catalyst. I just started a new job but since I’m a creature of habit I’m aiming to complete a workout on Mondays and Wednesdays” 

SK: “Thanks to you, Miranda, and each and every coach at the gym for always staying so positive, upbeat, and motivating. You are why we keep trying, keep pushing, and continue to persevere”

Our Varsity program stays on track with Zoom classes too! According to the parents, Zoom classes are much needed during a shutdown. 

LP: “My daughter loves it! Not only to be able to work out with her friends but she loves the instructors! Thank you also for the zoom workouts during lockdown!”

KM: “Emma is enjoying the virtual classes.  She is attending regularly. She will keep going with that.”

FB: “Olivia will stay with the zoom classes. This helps with keeping her accountable to completing the workout.”

We’d love to see you in person, but we have adapted to this new normal. Closing when we’re ordered to, and opening when we’re allowed – it’s not ideal but regardless of the situation, our clients have goals and our team of coaches challenge them and hold them accountable to get the results they asked for!

There’s no need to sit on the sideline and wait until your gym opens. There’s no need to wait to start your fitness journey!

Start today and book your free “No Sweat Intro”