You Need a Coach!

You’ve spent almost a year in captivity now.

In and out of lockdowns. Off and on with the masks.

Your relaxing home has become your hectic workplace; your all-night kitchen; and your kids’ school. There’s nowhere to go and nowhere to vent.

You’re trapped in your own mind, and your jailer is guilt: you know you SHOULD avoid late-night snacking; you SHOULD work out in your living room; you SHOULD turn off the tv…

If the last 12 months has proven anything, it’s that we all need other people. Depression and anxiety aren’t as far away as we thought they were. We’ve all fallen into the traps of rumination, isolation and a downward mental spiral. We need connection, conversation…and objectivity.

Like me, you’re not in the best state to make your own choices about exercise right now.

Like me, you probably need someone else to ask, “Did you do that workout?”.

Like me, you could use some help with making decisions, and another voice telling you “good work”.

Our brains evolved to form and hold connections with others. Our gift as a species is our collective knowledge. Alone, we decline. Together, we rise.

Let’s be clear about this pandemic:

It’s not over yet.

A vaccine, while important, won’t bring things all the way back to normal.

It’s up to you to take care of yourself and your family.

But you’re not alone.

The money you’re saving on your kids’ sports? Get them a coach.

The money you’re saving on lunches out , dry cleaning, and commuting? Get yourself a coach.

Maybe this could be your finest hour. Maybe it could be your comeback. Maybe it’s just your salvation. Whatever a coach means to you, it’s never been more important to have one.

Your mind is tired. You don’t have the capacity to make decisions. Let someone else tell you “do this one thing today.” Get some outside help.

This blog first appeared on TwoBrain Coaching