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What’s Burning?

Just like a car burns fuel more efficiently at certain speeds, your body burns fat most effectively in a particular “zone.” Intrigued? Let’s dig in. …

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Top 3 Exercises For Adults Over 50

The secret to staying young and vibrant isn’t in a bottle; it’s in the gym, and more specifically, in three transformative exercises: the deadlift, the press, and the squat.

Elevate Your Life: September Fitness Kickstart for Busy Parents

September is the perfect time to invest in your well-being, and starting NOW beats waiting until the New Year.

How to Add Zone 2 Into Your Training

Zone 2 makes you more metabolically flexible. You can use fats for fuel. When you burn fat, you reduce bodyfat. If you’re always going full out, you can actually train your body to burn less fat during exercise. Use Zone 2 if fat loss is your goal!

Optimize, Don’t Pulverize

How can you optimize your exercise routine rather than treating your body like a punching bag? Here are some actionable steps:

Why You Get Hangry (And How To Stop)

Ever found yourself snapping at someone only to realize that, actually, you’re just really hungry? You’re not alone; it’s a universal feeling we fondly call …

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The Burpee: A Guide to Mastering This Foundational Move

We’ve all been there. You hear the term “burpee” and suddenly your mind fills with a blend of trepidation and challenge. But let’s break it …

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1:1 Training: The Fastest Route To Success

There’s a world of difference between generic workouts and ones designed just for you. If you’re serious about your fitness journey, 1:1 training is the expressway. It’s personalized, flexible, and adapts with you. More than anything, it’s effective. You deserve the best, and at Catalyst Fitness, that’s precisely what you’ll get.

How To Keep Yourself Fired Up For Fitness

In the journey of fitness, motivation is more than a word; it’s the fuel that drives us. Many believe that motivation is something we either …

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