Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Bobby was immediately attracted to the community aspects of Catalyst and the CrossFit methodology.

“As a Coach, we want your time at Catalyst to be the best part of your day. Having the opportunity to pursue fitness with the athletes at Catalyst, who range from younger to older, and every size and ability level in between, is what I cherish both as an Athlete and Coach at Catalyst. I have learned that it is not the pursuit of health and happiness, but the healthiness and happiness in the pursuit – and this quest is made even more special by the community support you have around you. Not only do we have unbelievable athletes, but most importantly, we have genuinely incredible people – this is who Catalyst attracts.”

Bobby is a valuable member of the Catalyst coaching team with an affinity for Strongman-type training and team-based events. If Bobby is an event Captain – you’ll want to be on his team!