If You Love Them, Teach Them.

There are greater gifts than chocolate.
Time is one. Example is another.
February 14th can be all about the short-term payoff. Buy chocolates, elevate their mood. Buy flowers, brighten their day. Take them to dinner, hope for dessert.
But it’s also a day when guards are lowered, when kitchen-counter squabbles are packed away, when a man has an excuse to buy flowers (if he needs one.) Valentine’s Day can be a duty, or an opportunity; a deadline, or a starting line.
We want you to make the most of it by starting TODAY.
Fit It Forward Challenge #5: Teach a friend to Squat.
The squat is the foundation of human movement. You squat before you walk. It can be an exercise, when done many times, or it can be a test when never done at all. It’s perhaps the single-most important barometer of your physical capacity: are you flexible and strong enough to sit on your haunches and stand back up?
If your friend can’t squat, they need you to pull them up. If your husband can’t squat, you’ll soon be lifting him. Teaching a loved one to squat is giving them a “get-out-of-the-nursing-home FREE!” card. So let’s start there.
Today, teach a friend to squat. A good one: hips back, chest up, heels down. We’ll provide the treat: if you can coach them to ONE good squat, we’ll give them FREE OnRamp. That’s five FREE personal training sessions with a Catalyst coach.
Get them squatting. Take their picture. Email it to jessica@catalystgym.com, or post it on our facebook page
with a tag. We’ll take it from there.
If they’re a friend of yours, they’re a friend of ours. We’re happy to help if you’ll get them started.
Need help teaching them? Here’s a downloadable PDF to give them (below), and here’s a link to a video demo on our site.
How To Squat