Meet The Coaches: Jessica Sally

Jess is a homegrown talent.
She started her fitness journey at Catalyst almost a decade ago. Her client story is here; but this is her coaching story.
Several years ago, Jess was considering a change in her life: she enjoyed her job but wanted to help people find fitness and health. Like so many others, she signed up for our Advanced Theory Course. But most members of the Catalyst family who take the ATC simply want to learn more: Jess wanted to use it as the first step to coaching.
She started taking a few 1:1 clients–still her favorite–and then became CrossFit certified to lead groups. That certification was followed by USAW (weightlifting) which is still her primary passion. Jess took over as GM nearly three years ago, and the gym now reflects her personality: fun, empathetic and focused on self-improvement.