Meet The Coaches: Rachel Campbell

Rachel is the head of IgniteGym.
A specialist in Early Childhood Education, Rachel is very passionate about helping kids. She’s innovative in finding ways to combine exercise with learning: visit the IgniteGym on a Monday, and you’ll see kids unpacking their groceries, cooking AND working out. Her attitude helps IgniteGym clients feel comfortable in new spaces or with new challenges.
Rachel is around Open Gym a lot, and brightens up the gym with her attitude. Need anything? She’s there to help. Rach helps with Kids’ Groups and some Personal Training with grownups, too.
Great coaches have the ability to change the behavior of their clients. This is true in the Ignite program, true for elite athletes, and true for the rest of us. Change is hard, but if you have a great coach like Rachel helping, it becomes a lot easier.