Meet Jessica Sally, GM

She didn’t start well. In her own words, “I was pretty sick.”
Tired of being tired all the time, and a pale shadow of the athlete you know as ‘Coach Jess,’ she stuck to a 2-3x per week schedule of Personal Training. She wasn’t really interested in CrossFit.
As we wrote in The Ringer (2010), Jess’ determination through adversity made her easy to train. Then it made her good at CrossFit, and then CrossFit started to pay her back. When real challenge found her, Jess bore the weight with virtuosity and graceful endurance.
Jess joined our internship program a year and a half ago, and immediately showed a hunger for knowledge. She sponges up abstract concepts and high-level knowledge quickly, and can apply science immediately. Her filter for BS is more finely-tuned than anyone around, but her empathy keeps her from being sarcastic: she’s been there, she knows what it takes, and she can help.
Today, Jess takes another step deeper into the Catalyst family by taking the reigns as General Manager.  It’s the next step in her life and in Catalyst’s ongoing pursuit of excellence. Jess will oversee the transition into our new gym, the expansion of our coached schedule, and improvement of life for you: the Catalyst Family.
Welcome her–again. Ask how she can make your life better. She’ll find a way.