The Catalyst 2013 Intern Coaches

You’ve seen them in class: fresh-faced, doe-eyed, new-car smell…they’re up in front, leading the warmups, or teaching the movements. Who are these guys?
It doesn’t take much to get started in the fitness industry. It takes a LOT to coach at Catalyst. Where the average certification for Personal Training requires less than a weekend, we take potential coaches-some of whom already carry a degree-through a months-long preparatory period. In May, we launched our annual Internship program. Students were hand-picked from willing candidates, and have been run through a gauntlet of lecture time, coaching on camera, ‘squat circles,’ shadowing, and then leading groups under the watch of a fulltime coach. The 12-week Internship program used at Catalyst has been adopted by nearly 60 other CrossFit gyms across North America. It’s effective, and it prepares interns for the lifelong learning required to coach at Catalyst.
In the next few weeks, you’ll see some new faces (alongside old faces like mine) at the front of the group. You may know them, but not in this role. Some have been doing CrossFit for years; some merely for months, but carry a four-year degree with them. They’re all great in their own unique way.

Jordan, Jess, Carolle, Phil, Melissa and Esther are almost ready to coach. When you see them, congratulate them for earning the ‘Coach’ on their t-shirt, and get ready to learn: these folks are going to elevate our game.


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