Training with Blocks

Every client at Catalyst has a workout plan that includes a certain number of “blocks” for each heart rate zone, depending on their goals.

Prescribing exercise in “blocks” means a client can complete their exercise according to their schedule, their preferences and their convenience.

They don’t have to do all of their workouts in a gym.

They don’t have to exclude their friends.

They can include more variety.

They don’t have to focus on meaningless performance metrics, like how fast they completed a certain workout.

They simply have to focus on completing the number of blocks.

In the charts below:
Z1 refers to one block of Zone 1 Training

Z2 refers to one block of Zone 2 Training

Z3 refers to one block of Zone 3 Training

Z4 refers to one block of Zone 4 Training

Z5 refers to one block of Zone 5 Training

S refers to one block of Strength training.

For example,

This is a prescription for experienced exercisers (Women with 25-30% bodyfat; or Men 20-25% bodyfat) :


8.5 blocks, for a total of 4.5 hours of exercise per week.

These blocks can be organized any way the client or coach wants, but the client must stay in the desired zone for the entire 30-minute block without exceeding it. At this level, we introduce strength training (3 blocks of 30 minutes). These are functional training sessions with 3-4 exercises, and should not induce muscle soreness.

Most people schedule their exercise in one-hour intervals: their lunch break or their morning before work. Many gyms (including Catalyst) will offer one-hour classes or personal training sessions lasting an hour, which creates the opportunity to do two blocks of exercise in a day.

What’s YOUR block prescription?
What’s the best exercise to meet your goals?

Is running better than cycling? It is if you like running. Is CrossFit more effective than bootcamp? Maybe…if you like your crossfit gym and crossfit coach and doing rep work with a barbell, and have no pre-existing limitations.

The point is that you can choose any type of exercise, as long as you’re meeting the metabolic demands to create the change you desire.

Watch the video: “Blocks”