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Training With Heart Rate: Zone 2

A heart rate “zone” is a percentage of your max heart rate. Within each “zone”, your body is doing different things to meet the energy demands of that output.

Over the next few days, I’m going to share what each heart rate zone means; how often you should work out in that zone, and how we use that zone to maximize your results.

“Zone 2” is between 65% and 74% of your maximum heart rate.

Zone Table

Zone 2 exercise is probably the most beneficial zone for improving the quality of your life. In this zone, the body is actively using up energy, but most of that energy comes from stored fat.

Most of the causes of early mortality are beaten back by Zone 2 work: the body becomes more sensitive to insulin, which defeats Type II diabetes and various diseases of cognitive decline.

Zone 2 helps to decrease blood pressure, which helps overcome the risk of heart disease.

Improved metabolic flexibility means the body doesn’t ride the highs and lows of the carbohydrate roller-coaster.

Improved Heart Rate Variability means the body can withstand shock or stress.

The benefits of Zone 2 training are myriad. But the visible benefits include lower body fat, and that’s what most people care about.

Zone 2 is also a tremendous mood enhancer.

Dr. Peter Attia says, “Life happens in Zone 2 and Zone 5.”

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