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Training With Heart Rate: Zone 3

A heart rate “zone” is a percentage of your max heart rate. Within each “zone”, your body is doing different things to meet the energy demands of that output.

Over the next few days, I’m going to share what each heart rate zone means; how often you should work out in that zone, and how we use that zone to maximize your results.

Zone 3 is the first zone in which your body preferentially burns carbohydrates for fuel.

Energy demands in Zone 3 require fast metabolism of energy (burning carbs) which creates lactate (the burning in your muscles). At the high end of Zone 3, you’ll start to feel the burn. 🙂

Zone Table 1

Eventually, energy demand will exceed supply, but this is a very trainable zone, and endurance athletes can extend this metabolic pathway out for hours. Some fats are still metabolized for fuel at the lower end of Zone 3, and every exerciser should spend some time in zone 3 each week to improve their aerobic capacity. Training in this zone can make the body more efficient at using the energy it has available.