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Client Stories: Adrian Vilaca

This is Adrian Vilaca. His full story is here.

6540_1199549710183_1271745505_572524_5345122_n Aside from having a great set of photos, Adrian is 'the real deal.' These were the words used to describe him by another MMA fighter several months ago. Brent "The Professor" Fryia posted a video on my wall of local teenagers doing crazy exercise stuff, including truck pulls, chinups on goal posts…. the focal point was Adrian. Brent pointed him in our direction. Months later, he's 2-0 as a fighter, holds our gym record in "Cindy" (at least, at 6am today) and is the only Catalyst client to total over 400 in Fight Gone Bad. Adrian sat with us to talk about the Games:

I don't usually do the WOD. I'm doing a strength-specific phase of training right now, with some circuits thrown in.
Favourites? I'd say pullups…maybe… body weight stuff tends to favour me
Weaknesses? Cleans and Snatch for sure and running
Charity of choice? Miracles for Kids.


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