Athlete Profile: Adrian Vilaca


Run 5k

…since we're facing 25-30cm of snow, an alternate:

10 Supine Ring Pull Ups
10 True Push Ups

Post total rounds complete in 15 minutes.

*Definition of Supine – The supine position is a position of the body; lying down with the face up.
*To perform Sup Ring PUs, set the rings so your back is off the ground, place heels on a box and pull your chest to your hands. 
*True Push Ups are done with both hands and feet balancing on parallets, make sure you get your chest below parallel.

 Adrian “The Vengeance” Vilaca

Fight record: 2-0. Both wins came by Triangle Choke so I’m really working the “if its not broke don’t fix it theory”

Weight class: 145lbs Featherweight. Sounds pretty soft I’m aware. 

Opponent: Joe Marcotti aka. The Lab Partner. In an interesting turn of events my opponent happens to be in one of my classes so we are lucky enough to share each others company 4 hours a week. Don’t have a whole lot of scouting on him, but primarily a wrestler I have been told with a 1-0 record by Guillotine Choke

Training Regimen: Operating on a “getpoundedalot” schedule, I have been spending 5-6 days a week at Ho Shin Sool, drilling skills and generally getting beat up on a daily basis. In order to become proficient at an exercise you have to do it repeatedly until you have no desire to do it anymore, than do it again. 3-4 days have been spent at Catalyst working with Chris Cooper focusing on strength, explosiveness and conditioning, as well as 2-3 days running. With a week left we’re starting to taper down and let the body recover.

Comments: I just want to take a quick moment to voice my thoughts, approaching a fight there is always so much going through your head so please hold with me.
I want to say thank you to all the people who don’t know they have helped, the people in the gym with me whether it be six in the morning or six in the afternoon. They are not there for my benefit, but rather their own personal gain. They told themselves that they would go to sleep a more complete person than when they woke up. I firmly believe that you can always find another gear, some people may not know how to find it but if you reach deep enough there is one waiting. These people help me find that gear, the sound of them pushing through the pain motivates me, if they yell I want to yell back, your energy feeds me so thank you. 
I also want to thank my coaches and teammates, when you step into the cage you stand alone but you hold a piece of each of those people. Every time they have ever pushed you, tried to break you, punished you they make you stronger. They stand beside you because “I” don’t fight on the 12th “We” fight. It’s a family, never before have I belonged to a family as completely as to this one and nobody attacks this family. I hope you all read this and know I love all of you like brothers. 
Lastly, I cannot guarantee you a win. It’s a fight and anything can happen, I can however guarantee that everything I have gets laid out for everyone to see and would bet my life that my teammates do the same. In return I ask one thing when a Ho Shin Sool fighter’s name gets called you leave everything you have inside that building. Don’t save it for the next guy, you always have another gear and I want you drop it into fifth. Make the floor vibrate, make the other man tentative to come out, put fear in his heart and fill ours. That’s it that’s all I ask, come 12 – 12 bring the noise.