Athlete Profile: Mary Gillespie

MaryMy Catalyst journey began at the downtown location a few years ago with a ladies group that met once a week.  Our coach was Mike Watson.  His mission was to make you awesome and that he did.  Tuesday nights were our Watson nights and we loved him!  He gave us all the training and strength you needed for CrossFit.  After almost a year and a half our group was moved to 'The Park'.  At first I thought, WTF? but it soon had us  making PRs, getting pull ups, doing DU's and flipping tires; getting the true CrossFit experience. We had to say goodbye to Watson but hello to our new leader so fearless, knowledgeable and perfect, she is our Mel Rose.  It is because of her I now jump when doing a clean and I know the hollow rock position.  Everything she learns she is eager to teach us which makes us better.

I love getting PR's and the excitement you get in pushing yourself, conquering that fear.  I love watching the other ladies on the group doing the same.

One thing that Catalyst did for me is bring my sister and I so close that it tears me up with happy.  She is the greatest thing I got from CrossFit! I am her biggest fan and I love saying 'SFM', that's my sister!

As for the future I want to feel this way for a long time; to be this healthy person in this great family at Catalyst.  I love being able to run, lift heavy things and live life.

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