Deb King: Ladies YOUR Age Do This

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Long before I joined Catalyst my son, Wylie,  was going to Catalyst when it was on Queen Street. He was working out at Catalyst as a means to boost his training for high school wrestling. He would say, “ Mom, you should join. There are ladies your age that go.”  He never gave up telling me the benefits of the workouts and that I should at least try it. I listened but the excuses of work and a busy life were a way to avoid it. After all, my knees and back were sore after years of running and various sports so why would I want to try something that would just prove that I’m getting older?
So I began to ask more questions about Catalyst and I got my nerve up to try it. Over the Christmas holiday two years ago Wylie went with me to a group session.  He was right, there were people my age there!  I was pumped after that first session!  I was hooked and over time I began to realize the benefits of increased strength, energy level, etc.
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I met Patty Desjardins and we have become a good motivation for each other. It is great having someone to share the workout and a few good laughs with!
Catalyst is a unique community. I never feel worried about my ability or lack there of and that is in part due to the great coaching and motivating at each session. As long as I keep moving during the workout I’ve got it made!
I don’t have a favourite workout though I do like circuit style workouts where we do a variety of exercises. I like to go to work on just trying to staying in shape and feeling good about going. So thank you Wylie, for helping me prove to myself that yes, ladies my age can do Catalyst!