Dee Olive: Gone Green


I had just moved back to the Sault after 12 years and was looking for something that wasn’t your typical gym. I was tired of the same workouts day in and day out. Start with cardio, legs one day, chest another and so on and so on. I never stuck to it. I come from an athletic background. I played basketball, volleyball and did track in high school. I even went on to do track and volleyball in university. I NEED variety in my workouts. I NEED them to be fun. So when my friend Brent Fryia suggested I try crossfit, I was more than willing since it sounded different!

I attended my first group session right after Christmas. I walked into this big warehouse type place and thought, “Well, this is pretty cool”. Phil Strickler was in the group. He and the others saw that I was a new face and came right over and introduced themselves, something I had never seen in any other gym. I felt so welcomed! And this is coming from an introvert with social anxiety who hates being in a crowd of new people.

I still feel this way about Catalyst. No matter what time of day it is, whenever I come to workout, I’m always greeted when I walk in the door. It has become my second home.

I believe my greatest improvements were most noticable after I joined Green Army. I had been doing groups for about 8 months and felt I needed more specialized training in order to achieve certain goals I had set for myself. Once I began adding strength training to my workouts, I noticed huge gains. I was PR’ing on all my lifts and was feeling stronger during WODs. I also noticed that I would be doomed to a life of yoga/stretchy pants as jeans were becoming obsolete. But, a small price to pay for quads that can scare a man addicted to chest workouts. 😉

I’m working on those darn muscle ups! Mainly upper body strength. I am working on strict movements prior to adding the kipping.

I am also always working on my form and technique when lifting. I’ve thrown my back out before and can be very cautious when I start lifting heavy. I know that if I can maintain form, I won’t risk injury. (Which is where our awesome coaches come in handy!)

It is hard to just pin point one single memory. I love when, whether it be during the open or just an ordinary day, somebody is kicking ass during a workout, or about to PR a lift, and whoever is in the gym will stop what they are doing and begin to cheer. It is such a positive place of encouragement.