Eliza Shand: Guaranteed Win

I have been around catalyst long enough to be titled a Veteran. This will be my 6th Open and, for two years now, one of the few times in life that I have been referred to as a “master”. Although I am perhaps not at my quickest or strongest this year, it is definitely my best year yet. I can honestly say completing 17.1 is a highlight and one of my proudest moments to date. I went in with a goal and a plan and stuck to it which is a complete win in my eyes.
Catalyst has given me many wins since day one. I have established new PR’s and lost them, just in time to get them again and hit new ones. Despite having been here since the historical date of September 28, 2011 (I keep the email as an artifact), I still complete many WODs scaled and I have gotten my first Toes to bar 3 times over and pull ups twice. I started Catalyst with personal training sessions after sitting on a treadmill watching my son work with Tyler in the Ignite program.
In January 2012, after my training session, I was invited to try out noon group. I was a bit intimidated and nervous, but with the help of a hug from someone who is now a dear friend (the hugs are still plentiful) and the encouragement and knowledge of amazing coaches, I jumped in and have been late for work since. It is an hour of the day that belongs completely to me. It is a time that I am able to totally focus on myself and on getting better – whatever that looks like at the present moment. It is a guaranteed win every day.
Looking back, I now realize I was initially looking for “the cure”. The “there has to be something, a magical potion to sprinkle and make everything better”. And truth be told, I did find it and things did get better. Then they got worse, and then better yet again. Catalyst has given me not only fitness and friendship but the courage and determination to push through the “blips” in life head on. “You can do anything for a minute”