Gerry Kirk: A Welcome Addition

I’ve known about CrossFit for a while, but not much about it. Last fall I felt like I needed a change. I wasn’t exercising regularly, despite my attempts to build in a regular routine at home. I was feeling lethargic, especially since I spend a lot of time at a computer. Meanwhile my friend Teri DeMarco had started CrossFit less than a year ago and was raving about what it was doing for her health, and even her relationship with her husband, another avid CrossFitter. She liked the challenge and the variety, as well as the support aspect, all things that I know help me succeed also.
I signed up for the OnRamp in October, and then a few weeks later started a work engagement in Minnesota. My first few weeks of group CrossFit classes started down there! The coaches and group members were patient with me as I learned the movements and the lingo.
It’s been 4 months now and I’m up to 5 days a week. I look forward to my workouts, to being challenged and pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. Some days I feel like I’m ready to give up, but the group pulls me along until the timer goes. Other days, I’m pushing hard, fighting for a new PR, or just a few more reps in the final minutes.
My funniest moment has to be the Christmas Eve workout, doing the 12 Days of Christmas, or whatever it was called. It was total chaos – people everywhere so you could hardly move, then trying to keep track of what rep for what workout. That’s what made it fun, though, being with all these people who worked hard while having fun, encouraging each other.
I’m not sure what my proudest moment is. There are lots of wins along the way – coming in daily, achieving PRs weekly, improving technique. I’m definitely proud of my commitment to my physical health, in a way I’ve never done before. 🙂