Josh Pettenuzzo: Wings and Beer

 I was diving by one day while I was at work and seen the gym on white oak so I pulled in. I was greeted by Jess with a big smile on her face and answered any questions I had. I guess I can say I was at a low part in my life and I decided it was time for a Change! I can say that it has made a positive change in my attitude!
What was your first impression? Like I said from the first moment I walk in the building I was greeted with the most upbeat attitude. Even the first day of group I was introduced to everyone and everyone was pleasant. Even to this day everyone is the with encouragement and always happy to see you. I do believe everyone is treated with the same respect no matter what your skill set it because everyone knows that we are all there to improve ourselves and help everyone hit their goals!
 What caused your greatest improvement? Honestly I have no clue! I’m fairly new with the gym but only being there a short period of time I can see and feel that I am getting stronger and I have more energy in a day to day basis!
 What’s your favorite Catalyst memory so far? Well my first couple of week that I was starting out it was right around the end of the cross fit open. So I decided I was going to do one of the work outs. Which I can say was a killer! But everyone one there to help you push through it. I ended up being in the first heat so after I was done I stuck around and gave everyone the moderation that they help me with. But once it was all said and done with Coop came up to me and as me if I wanted to go   for wings and a drink and I got me off guard because we just did this killer work out and now we are going for wings and beer! It just showed me that no matter if you are there for 2 week or 2 years you’re going to be treated the same!