Kat McGuire: Call Me 'Betty'

I started Crossfit with my friend Leanne in March 2009. After snooping around the Catalyst Gym and Crossfit.com sites for a couple months I worked up the courage to call and set up my initial appointment. Coop introduced me to Michael and the rest is history. From that first workout I was hooked. I bought punch cards and started with the 7am groups. Was such a great way to start my day. We would even go after the occasional night shift. That year I participated in the Catalyst Games and then signed up for the very first Barbell Betty’s. It was a blast. I loved  lifting so much more than burpees. Still do. That first Betty’s ended with the online Virtual Powerlifting Meet. What other gym gives you THAT opportunity? The next year at Catalyst I found myself doing nutrition challenges Paleo, The Whole 30 and a few potlucks with my gym family. I continued with Betty’s II and participated in The Catalyst Games 2010. First time outside “the box”. Deadlift PRs all around. It was an awesome day! I couldn’t wait to start training for 2011.
Then I broke my foot (at a kickboxing class). Being told not to weight bear on that foot for a couple months was the worst news I could have received. Thank God for Tyler’s innovation in thinking up ways to continue lifting. Even did Fran Fest a couple months later.I have never competed in the Crossfit Open. I hope to one day. The 2014 perhaps? Every year is becoming more inclusive. When I started Crossfit my warm ups consisted of a 500m row (as fast as possible) and a cool down was walking to my car without a jacket. Mobility was unheard of unless you had an injury. I found myself with a few nagging issues that kept me more of a spectator and cheer leader than a participant the past couple of years. I’ve learned a lot during that time. I’ve learned to listen to my body. I’ve learned how to warm up, cool down and mobilize. In doing these things I’ve managed to avoid those issues that held me back. Instead of “cherry picking” workouts I’ve learned to scale properly. I believe more in longevity and working towards a goal than trying to “win”. Right now my focus is consistency (something I have never been very good at, as I tend to be distracted easily). I’m proud to say I completed the most recent Betty’s. This is including ALL my homework as prescribed (meaning I did what they told me to do, did not cherry pick and scaled to my current ability). Already looking forward to Betty’s 2 in January! Yeah Buddy!!
My best Catalyst memory has to be going to 2011 Crossfit Regionals in Toronto to cheer on the Green Army in the Team competition and Whit, Mel and Cam in the individual competition.