Lisa Bolduc: Mentally Strong

My husband had joined Catalyst in the summer of 2015.  He had such a positive experience and encouraged me to try a class there.  In November my anxiety and stress levels had reach a very high point and my confidence was low.  There were a number of reasons that led me to join Catalyst, not only did my husband enjoy the sessions but other people had talked about the same type of experiences.

The Catalyst website is very user friendly and allowed me to complete research before meeting with Charity.  I was impressed with the class options, the freedom to attend whatever session you want, the coaches profiles, the client stories and the fact that the daily WODs are posted on the site.
For my meeting with Charity I had prepared a list that included my current situation and what I wanted to work on.  I was extremely impressed with Catalyst from my first meeting.  It was obvious that Catalyst puts their clients first and I also found that their goals aligned well with mine.
Initially I started with one on one training with Charity a couple of times a week.  The sessions were very challenging and I was able to learn more about techniques and skills.  In addition to the sessions I was provided with homework that involved a skill or lift plus a WOD.  The homework was unique to my abilities, the areas that I wanted to work on and the equipment that I had at home.  As the homework always changed it made it more exciting to complete.  The approach that Charity took with me helped me build my confidence and lower my anxiety.
After a couple of months of personal training sessions I started to join some of the group sessions.  Everyone in the group sessions is provided with equal support and encouragement.  I loved the fact that the warm ups and cool downs are designed to work and stretch out the muscles that are going to be used in the daily WOD.  The catalyst community is so much fun and everyone is supportive of each other.  I felt included from my very first class.  This unique environment is not only created by the coaches but everyone that attends.
The sessions at Catalyst, both personal training and group sessions, stress the importance of proper technique and the reasons behind it.  I always leave feeling like I’ve received not only a good workout but that I’ve gained more knowledge each time I go.
In addition to the benefits from the training sessions, I’ve also learned more about nutrition by attending a free nutrition seminar offered by Catalyst.  Jessica lead the seminar, she provided the group with information and an outline that was easy to understand and apply.  The group that attended shared some really good tips and tricks that have worked for them in maintaining healthy eating habits.
The strategies in creating the classes have made a big difference in increasing my PRs and developing my skills.  The environment at Catalyst has also contributed to improving my confidence and decreasing my stress levels.  In a few short months, I have gained strength both physically and mentally.
Currently I am increasing the number of sessions I attend.  I’m also looking at taking some of the speciality classes including the gymnastics skills and barbell Betty’s.  Over time I might sign up for open gym time so I can further work on my lifts and skills.
It’s difficult to pick just one memory to be my favourite, however the experience of the crossfit open is a major success for me.  My original goal was to work towards participation in the open group sessions and to have fun.  I wanted to ensure that my anxiety was not impacted.  What was refreshing to me was that these goals seemed to align with the ones being promoted at Catalyst.  Not only was I able to complete the open in a group setting but I did it with the support of the Catalyst community watching.  I even completed some of the open events RX, being able to do this wasn’t even on my radar.  I ended up surpassing the goals that I originally set for the open.  The coaches and Catalyst community have brought me back to enjoying crossfit again.
The Catalyst community consists of people from various skills, abilities, ages and athletic backgrounds.  Personally, I have found that crossfit has helped me in day to day life and athletic ability.  Crossfit has improved my endurance, strength and I’ve noticed impacts outside of crossfit including a decrease in my race times.
I highly recommend Catalyst, it’s a very welcoming and supportive community.  There are many options to adjust your workout to your abilities.  The coaches are very knowledgable, motivating and ensure that everyone has a good experience.  The session plans available are flexible to your needs and allows you to grow as an athlete.  Come join us – you will love it!