Luc Baillargeon-Smith: Following The Girl


It was Dee of course who got me to first try CrossFit. I was always into working out but her and I started dating shortly before the Catalyst Games 2013. She had invited me to come watch the games and I decided that instead of watching I was going to take a swing at men’s indie. I went at it pretty much cold turkey and it was harder than I thought but a great experience that gave me a great sense of accomplishment after reaching my goal of completing all events Rx.

My first impression of crossfit workouts is that they were much harder than what I was used to but also way more fun & rewarding. I was also blown away (in a good way) at the amazing community and fun friendly environment at Catalyst… I absolutely loved that part. To this day not much has changed its still awesome and still always very challenging. I look forward to everyday at the gym and its always hard for me to leave after my workouts.

My greatest improvements: I feel like my greatest improvements are currently in progress since joining green army. I definetly owe much of that to Jess for her coaching on monday nights and willing to take the time to answer my miscellaneous questions during the week. I also owe it to Coop for providing us with such an intense and aggressive workout plan and giving us a Rockin spot to throw down our wods. I cant really specify my greatest improvement but I like to think that because of Catalyst I’m just making awesome overall improvements.

What I’m working on now: my two weakest areas right now are finding the endurance in my legs for wods with lots of squatting and my other weak area is form on snatch and cleans. Therefor they are what I have been focusing my energy on lately.

My favorite catalyst memory: this ones easy, when i got the top score at the gym for the fourth workout of the 2014 open. I was in the last heat so I already knew what my score needed to be. So at the end of the workout i knew right away i had won and so did the rest of the gym. Before that I had never won anything …like ever and I will never forget that feeling and hopefully get to experience it again someday!