Megan Turner McMillan


What brought you to Catalyst?
I have been bringing my son to Rumble Tumble and Junior Varsity on and off for a few years. I would always sit and watch with my coffee and my book while he was doing his work-out. It wasn’t until I decided to do the Muddy Moose Charge this past summer and saw that Catalyst was offering a training group that I took the plunge and signed myself up.
What was your first impression? Has it changed?
The first night I showed up for the Muddy Moose group, I saw someone lifting logs in the parking lot. I thought that was a little extreme, and was thinking there was no way that I could do that. It turns out that those logs were being set up for me to lift, jump over and carry. It turns out I could do it after all, and it was fun. Plus, it isn’t always about the most extreme thing. Don’t let that guy doing handstand push-ups intimidate you! The workouts can be scaled to you and the coaches are all very knowledgeable and tuned in to what you need.
What caused your greatest improvement?
Signing up for Barbell Bettys was the best thing to boost my confidence. I learned the proper technique for lifting weights (something I had never done before), and was lifting more than I thought I could. I can now go to Open Gym during my son’s Junior Varsity sessions and do my own workout instead of sitting around and waiting. No excuses – I am already there!
What are you working on now?
Thinking less and going for it.

What’s your favorite Catalyst memory so far?
Climbing the wall during the Muddy Moose was my greatest accomplishment.There’s something about being strong that gives you confidence. I am definitely bringing that feeling into other parts of my life.
I also love that I am setting a good example for my kids. It feels great to bench press while my son is climbing the rope beside me!
If you are thinking about coming to Catalyst, but aren’t sure if it’s for you, come in and talk to someone. There is more variety of programming than I initially thought and the staff will be able to recommend something that is a good fit for you.