For New Clients

When you're starting on your fitness journey – or looking to progress from P90X or bodybuilding routines into CrossFit – a solid foundation is critical.

Our mission at Catalyst is built around teaching: proper technique; proper use of your own body; proper eating to fuel tough workouts and help you get leaner and healthier.

We've earned the trust of physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, professional athletes, their coaches…and hundreds of local people who want to make long-term change in their lives. That change starts here: with a new perspective, a new expectation, and a new exercise habit that you won't want to quit.


Most of our clients start with Personal Training. One-on-one attention is the best value for your time (and money) spent. An elite Catalyst Trainer has years of experience; a minimum four-year degree; and the right tools to get you to your goals as efficiently as possible. In any case, it's free to chat with a Catalyst Trainer, and review all the options open to you in person. Feel free to choose a time that matches your schedule, using the link above; browse the credentials of the Trainers, and choose your preference. We're ready to help.

For some, change starts with OnRamp. In small groups of three or four people, you're rebuilt from the ground up. On the first day, you'll learn how to squat properly – the most basic of human movements, but still performed incorrectly by most adults. If you've ever heard the phrase, "squats are bad for the knees…." you can take comfort in the knowledge that it came from someone who hasn't yet learned to squat properly. Good squatting comes from the hips, and can SAVE your knees: just one small example of the treasure trove that is OnRamp.

Over six one-hour sessions with an elite Personal Trainer in a private space, you'll progress from a basic squat to the full-on calorie-spitting, energy-busting, graceful ballet of the barbell that is the Clean. You'll learn new exercises each day; do a tough (but short) "boot camp" style workout; talk about nutrition, physics, and our philosophy of exercise; and progress at the speed of the group.

We keep group sizes small and affordable so that we can get you started the RIGHT way: with good habits, a huge knowledge bank, and in a space where it's okay to make mistakes. Coaches Coop, Whit, and Mel have years – decades, in some cases – of experience with all manners of future athletes – from the very beginner to the very advanced.

This isn't CrossFit. If you want it to be, though, it's the best starting point to CrossFit you can find. From OnRamp, you can easily go right into our mainstream CrossFit program; find an area of specialty that you enjoy, like Barbell Bettys or Enduro; continue with more Personal Training; or, simply, repeat OnRamp again and again for half price!

Three weeks. Solid habits. A (very) different outlook. Book your sessions to match YOUR schedule.

You may register online here. Or give us a call, anytime: 705-256-1344. Don't have anyfriends to join with you? We'll provide them (and they're yours to keep forever!) Email

Below: a video of Chris Cooper talking about the start of Catalyst; our philosophy; and a bit of our history:


Ready to start? You can download a printable waiver and bring it with you, if you like.

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