One To Watch

Ann A few months ago, I got to sit down with a new client.  Now, this happens all the time.  After a little chat, we schedule some testing; if we like each other after the tests, we schedule some training sessions.  Again, this happens all the time; since nearly 100% of our clients are sent by their friends, folks are usually pre-screened, and know what to expect.  Since I'm frequently described as "the worst salesperson in Sault Ste. Marie," this is a real positive.  This, client, though, was a wild card.  As you'll read, she rolled the dice on her own; by the third workout, I could see in her the thread common to all successful CrossFitters: intensity.  Yes, she cared about form; but in the second round of a simple WOD, she suddenly attacked.  She knows an aggressiveness that, properly channeled, is going to take her far in 2010.

Her name is Ann Piscopo.  This is her story.

A random act committed out of boredom has changed my life – hopefully forever.  I clicked on some 'junk mail' I had in my Inbox from some place called 'Catalyst'.  I did a virtual tour of the site.  On impulse, I booked myself a FREE one-hour consultation with someone unknown to me – a guy named Chris Cooper – nothing to lose right? 

Boy was I wrong!  After my first personal training session with Cooper I almost lost the ability to move!  Every mucle I didn't know I had was burning with pain.  That's when I knew – that despite a gentle ackground of joging, cycling, cross-country skiing, and a bit of swimming – I knew there was a looong way to go before I could really consider myself fit. 

And at 50, I want to get fit! The results speak for themselves.  My general energy level and sense of well being is higher, my eating habits have improved, and I am once again excited about fitness.I'm not going to lie, it's intimidating going to a gym where folks can do handstand pushups, pullups, Olympic style weight lifting, and flip massive tires – for time, but is that going to stop me from getting involved and eating my share of humble pie?  No way.  Bring it!!