Post-Games Interview: Cindy Henson

Cindy Henson (far left) finished 3rd among all women at the 2012 Catalyst Games.

Surprises this year? Jessica [King] was a big surprise. She had finished behind a few of us in the open for the past two years. I was blindsided by her. Sally beating me by a lot in the last wod also was a surprise. Lisa Porco, that girl is strong! There are so many strong women at Catalyst, you never know who's going to step it up.

Three years ago my friend Stephanie kept trying to convince me to try out this really fun gym. We did the "Cindy", my least favourite wod. I was hooked on the first day, there was no turning back. 

I love training!! No WOD is too hard unless it's rowing. When a coach says he's going to kill us, I'm thinkng "Oh yeah!" I take two rest days a week, working hard on the other five days. Training with my family makes it more fun and is great conversation around the dinner table. 

I'm doing the Green Army training for the next 6 months. The training will be intense but rewarding. Working on my weaknesses will also be a big target.

Fave crossfit memory. Jessica and I fighting for third in the hill run, we were passing each other but she had more fight in her in the end and beat me to the top. We had a good laugh over that.

My goal is to make the team this year. I actually would love to go Individual, l but at the age of 43 I'm not sure I'm being realistic LOL. So I'm aiming to make it to the world games in the 45 year old division in 2014. That means I've got to build great strength and learn to do all my WODs unbroken. Regardless of where I end up, being part of the Catalyst family has been a great journey.

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