Post-Games Interview: Jessica King

I was very surprised that I came in 2nd.

Jessica King (left) took second place at the 2012 Catalyst Games.

I hadn't thought about where I would place going in to the Games. A couple of people had asked me over the summer if I was working towards a podium finish and I was caught off guard because where I would place hadn't entered my head at all.

How would you describe your training mentality? I trained hard just for the joy of training. I would have trained this summer even if there were no Games but they were an incentive to stay focused. I definitely would have skipped more work outs if it weren't for the Games. I didn't enjoy every WOD but I really enjoyed my training. I was pretty relaxed going into the Games. My biggest fear was being disappointed with my effort. I didn't want to do less than my best.

What are you working on next? The list of things I want to work on seems endless: strengthen grip, ring dips, strict hspu, burpees, wall ball, thrusters…I want to get more efficient at everything and getting stronger would be great!

Favourite CrossFit memory? I love how CrossFit improves the quality of life for people. I know that it made my life better but seeing a close friend have their life improved over the last year has been really nice.

Goals for this year?  I really want get better at running this year. I'd like to get muscle ups. I want to get good at everything!