Robert Maloney: Fit Enough

About 5 years ago, I was preparing for an endurance event in the Grand Canyon and  things weren’t going so well.My training approach was causing me a lot of grief and I was concerned that I’d either have to pull out of the event or die a cruel death on game day. I’d heard about the Catalyst gym and made inquires about securing a personal trainer.

 Mike Watson put me through the paces on my first day. I was impressed with his exercise-related knowledge and experience. I was also intrigued by the cross-fit model of training. I had completed a few years of a physical education degree back in the late 70’s when distance running and pumping iron on a universal trainer was as good as it gets.
 I’m pleased to report that 5 years later, the CrossFit strategy has continued to work for me. I have had a number of excellent coaches who have all helped me along. I’m staying active and having fun.
I continue to work with a personal coach once a week. This is a good antidote for my lazy nature. My goal is to stay fit enough to continue to enjoy doing active things with my family and friends. I’ve recently started working out in one of the classes as well.  It’s been fun and I hope to continue to do this on a weekly basis.
The memory that comes to mind is that of me sitting in a café in Havana, taking a selfie with my Catalyst tee shirt on, drinking beer after riding my bike for several hours in the hot sun. I was thinking to myself…this is exactly what I train for!