Ron Miskiw: No Pressure

I have tried to do my own thing at other gyms, but I just wasn’t seeing an improvement.  I then searched for other gyms to join and came across Catalyst Fitness.  I was skeptical, but also interested to try it out since I knew other people who have joined the Catalyst family.  I took the jump and decided to give it a try.
When I came for my orientation, I was expecting to be pressured into joining right away like other gyms that have a quota on membership sales to meet.  However, it was the exact opposite.  I was asked what I was looking for in joining and then toured around the facility.  After that, I was informed of pricing, scheduling and what Crossfit was all about.  I was very impressed once I left that they were more interested in my fitness and getting me into a good routine, than trying to sell me on the gym.  This for me was the selling point!
I went to my first class and was nervous as hell.  I haven’t done any weight lifting and didn’t know how to properly lift or even what I could lift.  I wasn’t sure if everyone would be walking around like they just dropped off their suitcase and looking at themselves in a mirror.  I was totally wrong.  Plus there are no mirrors in the gym.  lol
The coaches were great in starting me off on a comfortable weight that was not intimidating to me.  I was afraid that since I was the new guy that others would be judging me and I would be the last to finish.  I was totally wrong.   At times I was the last to finish, but instead of others watching me, they were encouraging me to finish up my last rep or my last 10 box jumps.  It is really a great atmosphere to workout in as both coaches and other members are great motivators.  Everyone is there to workout and get it done.  No one is looking at you and judging you.
I have to say that my opinion of the gym still stays the same as the first day I joined.  All coaches are very encouraging and always letting you know what you are doing properly and help to maximize your potential.
I do have to say that I have changed.  My transformation from old me to new me has been incredible and is still ongoing.  I thoroughly enjoy working out as much as it sometimes takes everything out of me to get it done.  But I push myself to get the workout completed and that is such a great feeling.  Every day I push myself to do a little more; one more pull up or just a few more pounds on the bar.  It feels really good when you can complete just one more rep or a few more pounds on the bar.  You know the
n you are doing it right.
What caused my greatest improvement would be the weight lifting portion of the workouts.  I find it helps you build muscle in all areas of your body.  From legs, back, arms and core, you are working everything and it feels great.  Since I have only been here 4 months, I can see a change in myself and my ability to lift and complete circuits in average time.  This is what I needed was a clear direction on how to properly get into shape.
At this point I am still working on myself.  I want to build up and become more fit and toned.  After I have achieved this to a comfortable level, I want to start training for circuits and events such as the Spartan Races, Tough Mudder or anything else that is exciting.  Well my funniest moment would have to be my second day working out and on my second set of up push-ups I almost wanted to throw up.  I was trying to push myself too hard and not do the push-ups steady and correctly.  I then had to stop and catch my breath.
But so far it is a great gym to train in and I am sure there will be many memories ahead that I am really looking forward to.