Ron Williams: A New Challenge

After much nagging (lol) from our friends the Hensons, I decided to try this whole crossfit thing out in April 2012.

I’ve worked out pretty much ronniemy whole life and before I went, I thought I was already in great shape. I quickly realized that to do a WOD as prescribed required a whole new level of fitness! That’s what kept me coming back. It challenged me and I wanted to learn how to do all of these new movements and lifts. I’ve been going for almost 3 years and I still love how it challenges me to get better at things.

About a year ago I joined the Green Army and I’ve learned so much though it. The coaches are experienced and having their attention during the class has helped me to work on perfecting certain techniques.

Before I was focused on how much I could lift or how fast I could do a certain WOD but now I’m focusing my efforts on doing things properly, such as lifts and certain movements. I’m learning to conserve some energy by doing things ‘right’ which is helping me achieve a higher level of fitness overall.

It’s hard to pick a favorite! One of my favorite things is that my friend Vance Henson and I used to work out together pre-Catalyst so it’s cool to be able to continue to work out together with him and his family. The Catalyst Games are a highlight for me and of course I can’t forget the day that Coop helped me get my first muscle up!