Sam Mhlanga: The Man You Should Meet

Sam walked in with his soon-to-be-wife almost two months ago. He was close to his wedding, and wanted to drop some weight. Every day, we push him harder, and he hangs in there with the veterans. If you haven’t met Sam yet, you should: he’s at the 6:15am CrossFit Lite groups most mornings, and the 9am Saturday groups if I lie about the difficulty of the workout.
My favorite Sam quotes (read in his James Earl Jones voice):
“You are not participating due to your laziness.” – to me, when I coached the 9am group instead of doing the workout
“I’m not saying I deserve a medal, but I’ve been married for eight days now.” – while running his first 7k through Fort Creek
In his own words:
I had heard great things about CF & I wanted to partake in it. I talked to Ron Williams a lot who has been your client for the longest time.
At first, I was convinced you guys were trying to kill me & occasionally you were close 🙂 Fortunately it’s not yet a homicide. 🙂
I am still showing up for the 6AM session knowing I will yet again take a beating from the workout session.
I am improving my stamina/endurance to complete all exercise routine. With increased endurance, I want to work on my speed/time and incorporate sound nutritional intake to support the workout sessions.
What’s my favorite Catalyst memory? Creating a miniature lake of sweat on the floor after a workout & still be amused.

1 thought on “Sam Mhlanga: The Man You Should Meet”

  1. Heather Mhlanga

    VERY proud of my husband!! He is doing well, and still comes home with a smile on his face. Even if he feels like you all have attempted murder! hahahaha Thank you for all your hard work, and for being such a great support for him as well.