Sebastien 2.0

Nearly a year ago, Sebastien Wetzel was the feature of an article in the CrossFit Journal.  The essay was a good insight into the training of a high-level athlete who faces a different learning process than most. 

But the essay also got Sebastien a lot of fans.

And so, when 'Baba' – to his family and friends – showed absolute glee at a bench press PR in the below video, you could hear the cheering all the way downtown.  Kids with autism aren't supposed to care, right?  This video shows the pride that can come only from accomplishment.  We all feel it; kids with autism aren't supposed to be able to demonstrate emotion  Right?

These days, Baba's set some goals.  For one, he'd like to compete in the Special Olympics. He's been training with Coach Tyler to that end, but he's gone from "let's play catch!" to "move your elbows quicker!  Kip harder!  Get your hips down!"  His technique is the envy of most.  His progress is always upward-bound.   When he achieves a goal, the next is immediately set.  It's an instructional lesson for the rest of us.