Shalee Calvert: A Second Home

I first started coming to Catalyst when I was 15 for off-ice training that we did every Saturday morning with the Shamrock Figure Skating Club. A girl from school, Aryanna, would see me at the gym often with the off-ice group and we started to chat about what we did. I became very interested in what she was doing, and she invited me to a Varsity meet with her brothers, Devyn and Eythan. The events were great, especially running with a log overhead with 3 other people who are all over 6 feet and I’m under 5 feet! For a few years, I lost contact with the gym and just skated with the Lake Superior Figure Skating Club. My last year of skating, the club organized an off-ice training session with Cam Wilson and Charity. When that ended I knew I had to become a member because I fell in love with Crossfit all over again. I signed up right after our last off-ice session ended.
The first time I went to Catalyst I was intimidated, I didn’t even know what a burpee was. And now they are my favorite thing! Now Catalyst feels like a second home and everyone there is all a great big family.
My greatest improvement was how I saw myself. Everyone in the gym is always so positive and cheers me on. Compared to figure skating it is so much more encouraging and inviting. My confidence is so much higher than when I skated, I feel as though I can conquer anything Crossfit throws my way!
I am working on getting ready for the Muddy Moose Charge, and the Catalyst Games. I am also working on eating cleaner and living a healthier lifestyle. My favourite Catalyst memory so far was when I beat Aryanna by 1 point in the 2015 Crossfit Open, the one with all the wall balls and skipping. I had to go back and redo that WOD but it was totally worth it!