The Ringer

She thought she was a beginner.

She believed that, as a novice, she was starting from ground zero.  That she’d have to learn everything from scratch.
But she’s been doing “from scratch” for a long time already.  Jessica King, non-exerciser, already had all the habits of the elite: dedication despite boredom.  An expectation of hard work, not perfection.  The ability to shrug off the previous day’s win or loss, and focus on the task at hand.

Jess had to follow the “specific carbohydrate” diet for over a year. Visiting friends for dinner, she’d pre-cook her own meal and carry it along.  While others dove headfirst into the Carbohydrate Culture of Sault Ste. Marie, she settled for spaghetti squash. 

We didn’t turn Jess into an athlete; the pump was already primed.  The lid was loosened.  The engine was revved.  Rather than give a push, we just released the clutch.  In her own words:
King 3
1) when you started, was it your intention to gradually ramp up into CrossFit

I can’t say I really had
any intentions
when I started. I’ve always been pretty low energy and I was tired of
feeling ti
red.  Since I was already very diligent about my diet, the only
thing left to try was exercise.  I had no desire to join any of the other
fitness clubs and Bryan
was already a member, so I ended up at Catalyst.  

2) what’s the hardest part?

hardest part for me is breathing! I also really struggle with kips and I hate
the blisters I get. I have a really hard time with pullups (prone rows).
I also
find it difficult to organize my schedule to make sure I fit in all my
homework. Whether or not I fit my workouts in depends on the night before. I
need to be in bed early and I have to get everything ready before the morning or
I won’t make it.

King 4 3) where have you excelled (for instance, what came easy to you?)Since I am new, I don’t feel that anything
came easy to me.  Some things were definitely harder than others.
The squats killed me at the beginning but they are definitely getting easier. I
don’t really know if I excelled at anything in particular.

4) What skill would you like to spend more time on? I would like to practice kipping more.  I really don’t
like it because I find it hard. The only way to like it is to get better.

King 5) any events you’d like to do in 2010 (Murph, Baseline Week, Heroes Week,
FranFest, Fight On Friday, Catalyst Games, midnight 5k?)

I should be able to try Murph and I
would like to try Fight On Friday but it all depends on what else is going on.

…what else would you like to

I would
like to add that I never thought I would enjoy my workouts so much.  They
are my favorite part of the day.  It is something I do for just for
me.  They benefit no one else. During the 20 minute
s or so that I am
there, I can’t worry about anything except my next breath.  I find
it truly relaxing. (I bet no one else told you your workouts are relaxing!) I
can’t wait to see what else I can learn to do.

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