Whitney Tinklenburg: Back After Baby

photo 1
I just had a baby in July and I really wanted to get back in shape fast and I heard crossfit was one of the fastest and best ways to get into shape.
 I guess I am just starting my history at Catalyst I have been away from the sault for almost 9 years so I haven’t had a chance to make much if a history anywhere.

photo 2

Right now I am currently working on trying to get a JLO booty haha JJ, just trying to tone and firm up as well as gain strength. Oh and getting a nice bum in the process wouldn’t hurt 😉
I am not much of a competitor I try to compete against myself and try to better myself. But I would never say never so maybe one day down the road I would compete in crossfit.
I don’t know if I have a best crossfit memory right now, my crossfit journey is only beginning and I know that when I leave to go back to Europe I will miss you all terribly and all of your encouraging words and support.

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