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CrossFit and Pole Dancing

One of the brand new CrossFit converts at the Park is Alecia Hemphill.  Alecia was brought in by Brent Rose – new to the Park crew himself, but a  CrossFitter for over a year at the Y.  Alecia showed up with a friendly smile and a surprising talent: pullups.  She's great at them!  Last Friday, we found out why.  This is her story, in her own words:

Most people when they hear “Pole Dancing”, they automatically think of scantily clad women at strip clubs. But there is a new fitness craze sweeping the world called Pole Dancing for Fitness or Pole Fitness. I got started pole dancing by taking an introductory class at Achieve Fitness for Women about a year ago and I was hooked as soon as I took my first swing around the pole. It was so much fun and such a great workout that I purchased my first pole about a month after I took the class, so I could workout at home. I have been teaching myself ever since that class and I recently went to Las Vegas to take classes with Fawnia Dietrich (one of the women who started pole dancing for fitness) and to watch Felix Cane (Miss Pole World 2009) perform in Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity. There is so much to pole dancing that people do not realize. It takes a lot of core strength and upper body strength to be able to hold yourself on the pole. I decided to start Crossfit to help build my upper body and it is amazing the way it fits with pole dancing. My goal is to start competing in pole competitions next year and hopefully qualify for Miss Pole World in 2011. I am also planning to start teaching Pole Dancing for fitness very soon, just waiting on my new portable dance pole, so I can introduce more people to the world of Pole.

That's a great story.  But until you've tried it, the athleticism required doesn't completely hit home.  Alecia makes it look easy.  It's not.  As Craig and I (and the Friday lunchtime crew) found out, failure is rampant.  Also, hilarious.  First, Alecia shows a few basic moves that she's taught herself in the last year.  Then Craig and I try to just hang onto the bar.  Enjoy.


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