CrossFit is the most effective exercise plan in the world.

Far more than a group fitness class, CrossFit is individual coaching in a group setting.

Workouts are different every day; intense; but altered for each participant’s level.

Watch a typical CrossFit class here:

The CrossFit experience starts with our Incubator program: a step-by-step OnRamp to a healthy life.

Every day for FIFTY DAYS, you’ll be given a workout, nutrition advice, tips for a happier life, or some combination therein. Over six weeks, you’ll do:

  • 6  Private, 1:1 sessions with a Catalyst coach
  • 5 Workouts in our private ID Gym
  • 7 Workouts on your own at home, with full video demos and instructions
  • 2  Two meetings with a Coach
  • 1 InBody Scan

You’ll be given homework, with step by step video instructions and checklists, like:

  • Clean out your fridge
  • How to prep your meals for the week
  • How to deal with setbacks.

You’ll try a CrossFit group, track your workouts, meet amazing people and get a KICKSTART for the rest of your life

After six weeks, you will:

  • Review your progress with your coach
  • Choose which workout option you like best (ID, group, or at-home plans)
  • Meet with a Registered Dietitian to discuss your nutrition
  • Start learning about mindset, dealing with stress, and how to fix the REST of your life!

It all starts with the Incubator: a short (but very focused) six weeks of fitness and nutrition coaching from the best in the business!