Betty And The Frat – Summer School Edition

Web Believe it or not, SUMMER – the season of skin – is when more people struggle to maintain their physical output level.  They let themselves believe there's such a thing as treading water.  Three Coronas in, it's pretty easy to be okay with maintenance.

We don't do hard exercise for its own sake. We do it to find: find our bedrock, our limits, our commitment, our space-coyote-spirit-guide….or maybe just our abs.

Nothing physical was ever found by standing still and waiting for it to come to you.  The search must continue.  This summer, we're loosening the leash…but we're not cutting any slack.

Instead of running regular 6-week Bettys and Frat Barbell groups, we're going to offer you a challenge, and schedule regular 'checkups' to keep you on track. Need another reason?  There are prizes. 

Monday June 7
Entry level test to determine your starting
point on the progression chart, and your starting level for each lift.

Monday August 16
– Final Exam – Supermeet-style! Most progress WINS – plus, you'll be more prepared for Catalyst Games 2010.

Includes: Program for the summer, 2 month
Park membership, Progression Prizes, Entry level test day, 4 Progress Check up
sessions and a Final exam. 6 total instruction hours. Same as a 6 week
session, but spread out over the summer for more convenience.
  Coach Ty's message:
“We know you're busy in the summer and
family may come first but we are challenging you to challenge yourself. The
progression charts are up and its time to master the pull up that you've
been watching other people do. The Bettys' and Frat programs are working.
Ladies are pumping out 20 double unders at a time! Guys are putting 30
– 50 lbs on their lifts and inching closer to that first muscle up!
Use this summer to train for the Catalyst games. Use this summer to work on
mastering the progression chart. Let this be the summer you improve, not
just maintain!”

Fee: $80 for gym members, $150 for non-members (includes a two-month membership.)  This will be the ONLY Barbell Bettys and Frat group we offer this summer – get in early!

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